Beglian Draft Horse Corporation of America
Purpose and Committee    

The purpose of the Breeders Challenge is to enhance the activities of Belgian breeders and the exhibiting of the offspring at a future designated show.  An annual service sale will be held that offers the nominated stallions services, only the offspring from these services will be eligible to compete in the breeders challenge.  This program also serves as a fundraiser for future NABC’s, The Belgian Draft Horse Alliance Inc., and generates the prize monies for the Breeders Challenge Classes. 

The Breeders Challenge will operate as program within the Belgian Alliance with a committee comprised of at least three members; these members will include:

-  Andrew Beachy

-  Steve McQueen

These two founding members will be lifetime committee members unless they choose to step down, at that time another individual will be placed on the committee agreed upon by the other serving members.

One board member of the Belgian Draft Horse Alliance Inc. (Currently Scott Seymour)

This committee will be responsible for:

  • Organization of Annual Service sale
  • Billing and collection of stallion nominations and services purchased
  • Record keeping of eligible horses
  • Advertising and promotion of Breeders Challenge
  • Preparing and presenting an annual report for review by The Belgian Youth and Education Fund Inc.
  • Establish the payouts of the prize monies
  • Serve as advisory board on the allocation of the monies for future NABC’s
  • Adjust and change the rules and regulations of the Breeders Challenge as seen best for continuation of the program.


Past Results    


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